60 years of history. The journey goes on.

60 years of history in Ecrimesa Group. Ready to keep moving forward.

Where we come from?


Technical knowledge and foresight

Ecrimesa was created by Cantabrian entrepreneurs with extensive industrial experience, some of whom were experts in investment casting technology, due to their background in the jewellery sector. Considering the rapid expansion of Spain's automotive industry, they spotted a unique opportunity in steel part manufacturing.

D. Santiago Bannatyne Presmanes, Gonzalo García Rumayor, Andrés Peral Zorrilla and Fernando María Pereda Aparicio, together with other shareholders, founded Ecrimesa with the aim of adapting the investment casting technology to the steel sector.


Entrepreneurship and dynamism

1964 marks the official start of Ecrimesa with a land concession on Avenida de Parayas and a strategic partnership with Societé Des Forges et Ateliers de Creusot, which licenses the transfer of know-how for the manufacture of steel parts by investment casting.


Leadership in service

The first major milestone was the development of a part for the rocker arms of FASA RENAULT engines, enabling the company to take off with the mass production of automotive components, which continued to be manufactured until the end of the 1970s.

Key players in Ecrimesa

Some of our founders

Many people contributed to forge the path of Ecrimesa. We would like to thank all of them for being part of our history.

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1962 - 2024

Our Presidents

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10 metal parts that made history

Over 60 years we have manufactured thousands of different references, but some of our parts have been milestones in the history of Ecrimesa.

In this video we present the 10 most significant ones. The first one we mass produced, the ones that drove our expansion in Europe or the ones we manufactured by the millions.

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In this interview, Alejandro Martínez Ortiz, CEO of the group, tells us about the evolution of the company, the companies that are part of the group and the new projects that are being worked on.

Learn about the values and commitments that guide the company and what are the two attitudes common to all Ecrimesa employees.


Our values are authentic and are not taken from a textbook. They are the result of our own vision, and that is what makes us unique.

Javier García Buces, non-executive Chairman of Ecrimesa Group explains them in this interview: Sincerity, consensus, passion, respect for the customer and commitment to society.