We interviewed Juan Francisco Pérez, who tells us about his different functions at Ecrimesa and about his various interests.

Elena Mora: Character and planning

We interviewed Elena Mora, who tells us about her experience at Ecrimesa and other cultures she is interested in learning about.

MIM piece

Case study and analysis of the use of BASF’s Catamold(r) for the manufacture of automotive parts, particularly with MIM.

Daniel Seco

We interviewed Daniel Seco, our Process Engineer, who tells us about his experience in Ecrimesa and his varied interests.

New Blog about the growing importance of the Defense Sector for the use of metal injection molding and Investment Casting.

We interviewed Juan Martinez, our Production Manager. His work has been key in the development of Ecrimesa.

Learn about the technical details we use for the design and development of new components using Investment Casting.

We have interviewed Fernando Guerrero, who tells us about his deep bond with the company and his experiences within it.


The aeronautical sector and its particular importance for the future of the metal industry, under the analysis of Ecrimesa Group.

Emilio Fernández

We interviewed Emilio Fernández, Quality Manager at Ecrimesa, who tells us about his experiences and a particular wish.