Defense Piece

The evolution of Investment Casting: the parts since the beginning of the company, when each technology is best applied, the basic rules and tips to keep in mind.


Meet Sarai Uslé, currently in charge of wax assembly, who is part of the third generation of the family at Ecrimesa.

For more than three decades, Pedro Luis Fernández worked at Ecrimesa fulfilling various functions. After finishing his cycle with us, today he tells us about his plans for the future. I know I was lucky for the team I had, and how much we laughed! We had a great atmosphere. How long have you been

We introduce you to Investment Casting and MIM as the techologies we apply within the Medical Industry.

We interviewed Francisca García, our Market Development Manager for Germany, who tells us about her beginnings and some of her adventures.

We interviewed Stéphane Vidal, our Country Manager for France, about his history in the company and some of his personal views.

Details of the metal injection molding process, and technology outlook for 2022 in Europe.

Ecrimesa advises you with important details for the creation of your project for the production of metal parts by metal injection molding.

Accurate comparison of the different industrial steel treatment technologies.