Summary of the different properties of the MIM and its various utilities in Ecrimesa.

The comparison between MIM and other technologies in this blog, allows us to better understand why this method is so much in demand in the market.

Cost of a MIM piece

All the important details you need to consider to calculate the cost of a MIM part.

Comparative analysis of metal parts manufacturing technologies: MIM / FDM / Binder Jetting

Downloadable case study about the Desktop Metal Studio System and the advantages of its application in the steel fabrication industry.

MIM vs Investment Casting

Comparative analysis of technologies suitable for the manufacture of metal parts (MIM vs. Investment Casting)

Additive manufacturing comparison: studio system desktop metal, conventional filament and binder jetting printers.

Even though the investment casting is an industrially fully developed process, its limits have been pushed during the last years towards producing larger and more complex pieces compared to the last decades.  The following image shows the market positioning and development tendency of investment casting:  On the one hand, larger production volumes are being outsourced more

What is additive manufacturing?  Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing or rapid prototyping, is the fabrication of metal parts by using a 3D model and applying several layers of material to it.  Fabricating metal parts through additive manufacturing has become one of the most interesting technologies of the sector throughout the last decade –