The last December number of PIM International magazine, includes a Case Study prepared by our technical director, Manuel Caballero. In the article, Manuel Caballero reviews a conversion process in which a die-cast zinc hinge set is redesigned for production with MIM in 316L stainless steel, improving significantly mechanical properties.  Die casting is a widely used

MIM piece

Case study and analysis of the use of BASF’s Catamold(r) for the manufacture of automotive parts, particularly with MIM.

Downloadable case study about the Desktop Metal Studio System and the advantages of its application in the steel fabrication industry.

Additive manufacturing comparison: studio system desktop metal, conventional filament and binder jetting printers.

Even though the investment casting is an industrially fully developed process, its limits have been pushed during the last years towards producing larger and more complex pieces compared to the last decades.  The following image shows the market positioning and development tendency of investment casting:  On the one hand, larger production volumes are being outsourced more