Complete satisfaction for our client.
Evironment and sustainability.
Our team.

Complete satisfaction for our clients.

Our main strategic goal is to satisfy our clients through the quality of our products and services.


We are putting into action an ambitious investment plan focussed on automation, sensorizing, and digitization of the production process to impulse productivity and quality of the pieces.

We reinforce the technical department and investigation, development and innovation.

We safeguard processes and quality with our own metallurgic laboratory and metrology department.

Selling and post-selling services: Our professional staff accompany the client during the whole process, from the commissioning to the delivery, in up to five languages.  

Code of conduct: Responsable behaviour is a major concern, which is why we are dedicated to social causes. For our clients, we are a reliable partner that puts them center stage, focussing on developing and achieving their goals.

Evironment and sustainability.

Within our commitment to society and the environment, we re-invest at least 10% of our budgeted annual revenue in equipment that lowers the environmental impact of our production process.


We are ISO 14001 certified

We measure our emissions every year

We have developed the first global catalyst for MIM furnaces to reduce NOX emissions, achieving a reduction of 25% less than required 

We use automatic control systems for the powder emissions of the investment casting plant 

We offer continuous formation to our workers about environmental responsibility and our code of conduct.

Our team.

The people that form Ecrimesa Group are the key to the company’s success – that’s why their wellbeing, motivation and professional development are our top priority.


We are in the process of re-evaluation for obtaining the certificate for a socially responsible company SCR

We prioritize the formation of internal talent, for the development of their technical capacities and personal skills, as well as the elaboration of their career plans.

Ecrimesa Group has established an equality plan agreed to with the workers’ representatives of all member companies of the group.

We apply a prevention protocol against harassment within the company that goes beyond the legal requirements.

Social participation and collaboration: We are conscious that we work with people that belong to a community and that they contribute to our company. We want to go beyond the legal requirements and participate in local initiatives to foster entrepreneurial initiatives.

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