20.000 m2 of installations with cutting-edge technology.

Technical office

Technical office where we offer a complete assessment to adapt the original design to the most suitable technology and take on the production with a solid design from the start.

3D CAM centro de mecanizado

Design software:
3D CAD-CAM Pro Engineer and Hypermill.

We support our designers’ and metallurgic officers’ experience with simulation software in these processes: Magma Soft and Inspire Cast.

Molding workshop

Own workshop with erosion machines by penetration or by thread, high-speed machining equipment with 5 axes, among others.

Investment casting

Wax section with automatic, semi-automatic and manual injection machines to meet the different requirements of our customers.

Automatic installation for dewaxing with dissolvable wax.

Revestimiento cerámico microfusión
revestimiento cerámico automatizado

Automatic ceramic shell room with two robotized and sensorized production lines, with surrounding conditions of temperature and humidity controlled by air conditioning systems.

Melting section of 2 fusion furnace machines with variable frequencies (5 troughs) that allow us to melt more than 10 tons per day with high quality.

Direct neumatic connection to the metallurgic laboratory so that all our produce can be analyzed and certified systematically in just a few seconds.


Horno continuo MIM Ecrimesa Group

Four continuous lines for debinding and sintering and two vacuum batch lines with a production capacity of more than 200 tons of feedstock per year.

Desbanderizado sinterizado en continuo MIM

Variety of automatic injection machines with robotic manipulation systems.

Artificial vision systems and manipulation for projects whose volumen or special characteristics require them.

Own installations for ceramic fabrication of parts and supporting parts by CIM (Ceramic Injection Moulding).

Machining plant

Additive manufacturing

We use 3D metal printing for rapid prototyping and fabrication of short series of parts.

Fabricación aditiva con metales

Material Extrusion (FDM, Fused Deposition Modeling): for rapid prototyping and fabrication of short MIM series.

Binder Jetting. We continue to invest in this technology through collaborations con leading companies.

Tecnologías fabricación con metales

We have a printer for wax printing without model for short series and rapid prototyping for investment casting.

3D Systems impresión de ceras sin molde

Plant for heat and superficial treatments

tratamientos térmicos y superficiales

Heat treatment plant with 4 furnaces for annealing and normalizing with carbon control, three automatic lines for hardening and tempering, one line for aluminium T6 heat treatment, all CQi-9 certified.

Instalación de decapado y pasivado automática para aceros inoxidables

Automatic installation for pickling and passivation
for stainless steels.

Possibility to offer superficial treatment: phosphating, galvanizing, burnishing, nickel plating…etc, internally or sub-contracted.

tratamientos térmicos de aluminio

Metallurgic laboratory and metrology department

Metrology department with Quick Vision machines and GOM according to the client’s requirements and threedimensional contact measurement systems by Mitutoyo and Zeiss in all technologies.

laboratorio metalúrgico fundición

Complete metallurgic laboratory
for continuous controls of the melting process and heat treatments.

X-Ray controls and digital tomography, fraction control of parts (hot and cold), digital picture and microstructure analyses, corrosión control, NDT, etc.

We have a TGA/DSC machine for controlling the primary materials, machines for automatic control of the heat treatments, carbon analysis, picture and microstructure analyses, etc.

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