Alex, Environment, risk prevention and laboratory technician shares his 21-year career in Ecrimesa Group, highlighting his role in the evolution of the firm towards sustainability and innovation. Get to know his work and personal life, his view upon the new generations, and his interests beyond work.

Javier mantilla

We´re glad to introduce you Javier Mantilla: The man who makes magic with fire. MIM sintering worker and an exceptional witness of the evolution of Ecrimesa.

Manuel Collado

Manuel Collado: The quiet man

Meet Manuel Collado. More than 37 years in Ecrimesa, currently in the Coating Department and about to start a new chapter of his life.

Daniel García is an Inspection Operator at Ecrimesa Group. A sports and aquarium lover, one phrase defines him: Every effort has its reward.

We interviewed Eduardo Valenzuela, International Market Manager. If I had to change, it would only be for Racing Santander.

Meet Antonio García, MIM Quality Engineer responsible for the development of new projects and improvements in Ecrimesa Group.

We interviewed Emilio Álvarez, Quality Engineer at Ecrimesa Group and very fond of music, particularly drums.

We interviewed Alfonso Romero, Head of Continuous Improvement at Ecrimesa, enigmatic and committed, he loves it when plans go well.

We interviewed our National Market Manager, who tells us about his experiences and a variety of other interests.

We had an interesting interview with Lucía Anero, who is currently working successfully as Project Manager at Ecrimesa Group.

We have interviewed Pedro Gutiérrez, Delivery Manager at Ecrimesa, who tells us about his evolution with Ecrimesa.

We interviewed Juan Francisco Pérez, who tells us about his different functions at Ecrimesa and about his various interests.

Elena Mora: Character and planning

We interviewed Elena Mora, who tells us about her experience at Ecrimesa and other cultures she is interested in learning about.

Daniel Seco

We interviewed Daniel Seco, our Process Engineer, who tells us about his experience in Ecrimesa and his varied interests.

We interviewed Juan Martinez, our Production Manager. His work has been key in the development of Ecrimesa.

We have interviewed Fernando Guerrero, who tells us about his deep bond with the company and his experiences within it.

Emilio Fernández

We interviewed Emilio Fernández, Quality Manager at Ecrimesa, who tells us about his experiences and a particular wish.


Meet Sarai Uslé, currently in charge of wax assembly, who is part of the third generation of the family at Ecrimesa.

For more than three decades, Pedro Luis Fernández worked at Ecrimesa fulfilling various functions. After finishing his cycle with us, today he tells us about his plans for the future. I know I was lucky for the team I had, and how much we laughed! We had a great atmosphere. How long have you been

We interviewed Francisca García, our Market Development Manager for Germany, who tells us about her beginnings and some of her adventures.

We interviewed Stéphane Vidal, our Country Manager for France, about his history in the company and some of his personal views.