How we work?

Join us on an exciting journey through our state-of-the-art facilities.


With 50+ years of experience, our Investment Casting expertise sets the standard for versatile design, a wide range of alloys, and unwavering quality.

Design & Technical Office

Design Office and simulation software. In-house Molding Workshop and 3D printing.

Wax section

Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual injection machines. Robotized installation for efficient wax assembly.

Ceramic coating

Efficient Wax Parts Combination, Ceramic Shell Application, and Automated Production lines with two robotic lines.

Melting section

From Melting to Final Touches: Induction equipments, Ceramic Shell Removal, and Precise Finishing.


Global pioneers in continuous furnace fabrication process. MIM combines injection versatility and sintering for high-density pieces with precise geometric tolerances

Molding workshop

In-house mold workshop equipped with wire and die-sinking EDM machines, and high-speed 5-axis machining centers.


Design Office. Mold Workshop. 4 Continuous Furnaces. 1.2 million pieces per month.

Debinding and Sintering

Worldwide pioneers in continuous furnace manufacturing. 4 operational lines and additional batch furnaces for debinding, sintering, and CIM.


Our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement drives Quality and productivity in every service and product we offer.

Metallurgical laboratory and Metrology Department

Machine vision inspection system. Three-dimensional contact and measurement equipment. Cutting-Edge Metrology Department.


In-house Machining Workshop: Delivering added value to our customers through the production of final parts.


Cobots. Machining centers. CNC turning machine. For Investment Casting and MIM technology.