Investment casting

At Ecrimesa Group, we have more than 50 years of experience in the world of investment casting.

What it is

Investment casting is a highly versatile process, allowing great liberty in the design of the pieces, including complex shapes, and a big variety of alloys. It is especially suitable when great flexibility is required in the batch size, as well as a homogeneous quality and high surface quality.

With a daily production capacity of more than 8 tons, we provide fully finished pieces, including machining and heat treatment.


Ecrimesa Group have developed more than 7,000 projects, providing us with wie¡de experience in the production of stainless steels, carbon steels and aluminium parts. Investment casting allows for greater design freedom, with complex pieces including complex internal shapes.

The high surface quality of the products allows to remove some of the final machining operations, improving the final cost of the pieces.

This technology offers a higher level of flexibility with the possibility of producing small numbers of pieces up to bigger quantities, as well as repeatability through the different batches, ensuring homogeneous quality.

Design office and production of moulds:

In our own office for design and production of moulds, we offer our customers a complete assessment to adapt their design to the process of Investment Casting. Our designers’ work experience is enhanced by simulation software (Magma Soft and Inspire Cast).

With our printing devices for wax printing with no previous fabrication of a mould, we can produce fast prototypes. This is very helpful for the initial steps of the production process when the customer’s design is not yet finished and several prototypes are necessary before producing the final mould.

This solution eliminates the handicap of manufacture a mould in the early phase of the production or for projects with low production quantities, which are hampered by the investment in the mould.

Download Design Rules and Tolerances.

Wax injection / Ceramic Shell room

The wax workshop offers a variety of possibilities, combining automatic, semi-automatic and manual wax injection machines. This allows to satisfy all demands of the customers.

We also have an automatic installation to extract soluble wax cores. We can apply the technology of pre-manufactured wax cores when necessary.

The production process of the shells has been automated, with two robotic production lines. These lines operate under controlled conditions in terms of temperature and humidity, managed by modern air conditioning systems.

Our installations allow for us to offer a high level of rentability and flexibility.

Metallurgic laboratory – metrology

We operate a complete metallurgic laboratory with highly skilled technicians that do not only manage the continuous controls of the melting process and heat treatments, but also make X-Ray controls and digital tomography, fraction controls (hot and cold), digital analyses of pictures and microstructures, corrosion controls, and NDT.

Heat treatment

Internally, we operate a heat treatment plant with 4 furnaces for annealing and normalizing with carbon control, 3 automatic lines for hardening and tempering and one line for aluminium T6 treatments, all of them CQi-9 certified. With us, the customers receive everything from the same supplier, from the design process and planning until the finished pieces, always with high quality guarantee.

Machining services

In 2005, we incorporated machining services into our group in order to offer fully finished pieces. Internalizing these machining operations allows for a higher versatility in the design phase, as well as in the batches to deliver.

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