Ecrimesa Group has integrated a machining plant into the company. We offer our customers fully finished pieces, with turn-key projects.

What it is

Our machining installations include horizontal (Matsuura and Mazak) vertical (Chiron) machining centers, CNC turning machines with and without motorized heads (Muratec, Okuma). The process is homologated according to the IATF 16949 standard.

Installations with cutting-edge technologies


We incorporated a machining plant into the group in 2005. We improve all our processes continually in order to gain full control of the quality, the treatment and finish of the parts. Our experience allows as to adjust the pieces and processes to our clients’ requirements, including the assembling of sub-components when the projects require it.

Ecrimesa Group offers machining services, giving us the opportunity to offer more added value by providing fully finished pieces.

Our machining plants work with industry 4.0 technologies like cobots that support us in the machining processes of the pieces. This enables us to offer high-quality pieces, from the initial design up to the last production steps.

Machines for horizontal machining

Machines for vertical machining

CNC turning machines with or without motorized heads

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