Metal Injection Moulding

MIM combines the versatility of injection with sintering technologies to produce pieces of high density with narrow geometric tolerances.

What it is

Metal Injection Molding is a suitable technology for fabricating pieces of complex geometry of small to medium size in an ample range of materials, like stainless steels, steels of low alloys, soft magnetic, tooling steels and ceramics.

Experience, quality, and innovation: 30 years of experience in the fabrication of pieces by MIM and 2,300 references with more than 200 clients.


Ecrimesa Group was the first company worldwide to develop the process of fabrication in a continuous furnace with catalytic debinding, in collaboration with BASF and Cremer Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH.

We operate three continuous lines for debinding and sintering and two vacuum batch lines for sintering with a processing capacity of more than 200 tons of feedstock per year. This way, we can fabricate more than 1,2 million pieces every month.

Design office:
Complete service from the first steps of production.

We have our own die design and manufacturing office where we offer our clients full counselling to adjust their design to the MIM process.

We can provide rapid prototypes since we have printers to produce waxes without needing a die, which is quite beneficial in the first stages when the client is not set on a design a different prototypes are needed prior to making the definitive die.

This solution removes the barrier of producing dies in the initial fases or low quantity projects where investing in a die is a limiting factor.

Download Design Rules and Tolerances

Automatic handling and machine vision

We have a wide range of automatic injection machines with automated control, that provides a high quality and production level.

With out automated production lines we can develop pieces without any manual process, from injection to coming out of the furnace. The facilities count with a machine vision inspection system, that guarantees the best quality and standardisation.

Metallurgic laboratory – Metrology

We operate a complete metallurgic laboratory with more than 8 technicians that do not only manage the continuous controls of the melting process and heat treatments, but also make X-Ray controls and digital tomography, fraction controls (hot and cold), digital analyses of pictures and microstructures, corrosion controls, and NDT.

Heat treatment

Internally, we operate a heat treatment plant with 4 furnaces for annealing and normalizing with carbon control, 3 automatic lines for hardening and tempering and one line for aluminium T6 treatments, all of them CQi-9 certified. With us, the customers receive everything from the same provider, from the design process and planning until the finished pieces, always with high quality guarantee.

Machining services

In 2005, we incorporated machining services into our group in order to offer fully finished pieces. Internalizing these machining operations allows for a higher versatility in the design phase, as well as in the finished loads

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