Ecrimesa Group has taken an important step towards modernising its quality and management processes. Faced with the need for a more efficient system, we have implemented new software that significantly improves management in key sectors such as automotive and aerospace. In this article we examine the details of this transition and how it is impacting

The installation of robotic systems has gained esential relevance in industry 4.0, characterized by the integration of digital technologies and automation in production processes. An example of this evolution is the Robotized Installation for Wax Assembling in Investment Casting technology that we have integrated at Ecrimesa Group. In this context, automation not only improves productivity,

In the current industrial environment, connectivity stands as a fundamental column to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in factories. As we acquire “smart” machinery, a question appears: how to connect still functional, but older analog facilities? In this article, we will share our experience in developing our own connectivity solutions in our industrial facilities.  In the

Digitization working sheets

The digitization of guidelines or process sheets is a key project that we have carried out in Ecrimesa Group. This internal project, framed within the Industry 4.0 actions, aims to improve our efficiency and productivity. Before, operators printed and took the process sheets and standards necessary for their work, which resulted in an excessive use

Continuous Improvement Digital System

We have implemented a Sustainable Continuous Improvement System with the recent introduction of FOCUS Smart Productivity.